How to Find Your Ideal Client

The ideal client is the one that is perfectly suited to the type of business you are running. You want your business to attract clients that fit that specific. If you already have clients, you can do research and base your clients' profiles off previous clients, and if you do not have clients yet, you should do some research on your market.

1. Describe the client

Define the characteristics of the person you would like to work with. You could start by finding out:

- Primary data: sex, age, education, income, marital status, profession.

- Preferences and habits: Interests, hobbies, books, movies, favorite stores.

- Social habits: Communication style and networks they use.

2. Define what differentiate you from the rest.

Study your direct competition to see what kind of clients work with them. You will be able to get good ideas and see the things that work for them and what they are doing wrong to avoid them in the future.

3. What are the main problems of your ideal client?

What are the biggest concerns, fears, or frustrations? How do they feel about those problems? And what do you need to solve them? Define how your products or services can help you answer your ideal client's questions and what benefits it will obtain.

4. Create an avatar

Once all these initial points have been analyzed and defined, you can go to the next step: create the avatar of your ideal client:

You create a profile summarizing your ideal client's main points using all the information you have collected in your research. Try to be as specific as possible, and avoid generalizing and being too broad.

Being able to identify your ideal client correctly is not a simple thing. It will take time and dedication, but once you have it well analyzed and studied, you will be able to design your strategies more efficiently. Also, you will be able to reach your target audience and those who interest you more quickly, which will lead you to increase your sales.