How to Create a Website Mood Board

Creating your unique website style does not have to be difficult at all. A mood board can include just about anything to project a unique style. You can create a mood board physically or digitally. My favorite way to create a mood board is through Pinterest; you can check my account and find web design inspiration. Here are the most needed things to add:

1. Fonts

Fonts are crucial to presentation, and vital to captivate potential clients. You should include one to three different font families; these could be used for titles, body text, advertising text, etc. When looking for fonts is essential that they evoke a positive emotion and are easily readable.

2. Colors

Color increases brand recognition, highlights important information, and influences how people feel about the website. It goes without saying how important it is to choose the right colors. You should include up to 4 different colors; these could be used for titles color, body-color, or others.

3. Buttons

The way the buttons look says a lot about a website. They can have a bold, feminine, or minimalistic style. Make sure to choose right and that it projects your brand’s style.

4. Visual Inspiration

You should include visual elements, pictures, design, or anything else that makes you think of your website.

5. Features

Features are essentially what your website can do and how it works.